I have a question about the Shocker, does he have an actual code of ethics or is he just some cold-hearted psychopath who would anything for a buck? Much is made about Shocker being the most professional and sane member of Spidey's rogues gallery, but what does that mean in moral terms?

For all this talk about Shocker's sanity, he seemed okay with helping a crime boss kill 12 innocent people for a paycheck. So here's a question, if some crime boss hired him to kill a rival and his family, wife, and children, would he take the job? Or let's say some super villain wants to steal a deadly virus and sell it to some genocidal dictator, far away from the US, so this helping this supervillain will not hurt him personally, would he do it?

There are a lot of evil SOBs who be driven solely by greed, so the question I have is, how far does Shocker's greed go and does it override any ethical concerns he would have? Because to me, that is the key thing that could be used to better define this character, IMO.