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    Default Which Kara Zor El (Power Girl or Supergirl) has or had a Tattoo?


    I have a question:

    Which Version of Kara has a Tattoo?

    I know one of the two has a tattoo or had...A symbol on her back close to her neck...

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    There was Supergirl, who got one from a doomed alien tattooist, to mark SG out as dumber than Power Girl. Evidently, this was a kind of Footloose bottle city or something. Dancing, tattooing, dancing while getting a tattoo, and watching CW Arrowverse shows are all illegal there.

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    there was a story arc where Supergirl and Powergirl went to Kandor and acted as vigilantes under the names Nightwing and Flamebird. Supergirl felt like getting a tattoo for some reason while there.

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