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How many years has the "can you hear me now" been going? I mean he switched companys but is still basically the same character.

According to wikipedia, Paul Marcarelli started appearing as the "Test Man" character in Verizon Wireless commercials, for which Entertainment Weekly named him one of the most intriguing people of 2002. In April 2011 Marcarelli was informed by email that Verizon was moving in a new direction with its advertising campaign. He remained under contract but would no longer play "Test Man". Marcarelli was glad that he was able to move on from it.

Since 2016 Marcarelli has been working as a Sprint spokesman and often refers to his switch from Verizon to Sprint in the commercials in which he appears.

He is married to his husband Ryan Brown, who appeared with Paul in a Sprint ad, shopping for Christmas trees.