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    1. Great
    2. Really good up til "But Dr Octavius...I'm really Peter Parker...and can't you just be a good guy and save the world."
    3. The dumpster fire that all dumpster fires aspire to.
    Getting soaked did weaken the arms, so weakening their hold on him.
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    Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy is the only Spider-Man adaptation that really gets the characters and his universe to a t or at least the original Stan Lee and Conway run with the possible exception of Mary Jane Watson.

    People complain about him killing the burglar. Well, aside from the fact that Spider-Man has actually has killed his villains in the comics(and if not then please tell me why Senator Stewart Ward is not longer around) the guy had a gun to Parkers head and knew who he was. Third of all why would the lesson with great powers comes great responsibility sink in right away after he realised that Uncle Ben died because he did not act responsibly. Speaking of which the scene were Spider-Man pushes the burglar towards the light and they both recognise each other right before the flashback is epic. Also I her people complain about him having organic webbing. Please, in the 1994 cartoon show Spider-Man is only able to make it because the spider bite that gave him his powers also provided him with knowledge on how to make it and in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics he does not invent the webbing on his own but creates it using his father's research and before anybody brings up the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series I would like to point out that I find it incredibly ironic how TSSM fans go on about how their favorite show is the only legit portrayal of the character when Spectacular constantly pulls from the Raimi films although not to the same degree as Batman the animated series pulled from the Burton films. Also people complain about the Green Goblin design from the first film. Sure he has looked better before but is it as bad as doctor Octopus design in the 90's animated series or Black Cats design in the ps1 game by Neversoft? Not even close. Speaking of Doc Ock his and Venom's designs are among the best renditions of the characters I have seen with Octaviouses being an improvement over the comic book look if anything. Also Sandman is the spitting image of the character from the comics and I honestly think it was more appropriate for Harry Osborn to look like a surfer ninja given how he ends up being a hero and teaming up with Spider-Man.

    They have never recasted John Jonah Jameson despite having had two reboots after the first trilogy and I think you can see why because J.K Simmons nails that character and I only recently realised that he was wearing a wig and only because I was made aware of this through trivia I read online. Tobey Maguire is no Rino Romano or even Christopher Daniel Barnes but I take him over Holland or Garfield any day. However the best thing to come out of Raimi's trilogy is the fact that in his movie series the Green Goblin actually dies when the glider hits him also the zoom out of Spider-Man watching Norman Osborne die along with the fade to the broken Green Goblin mask signifying that both Norman and the Goblin are dead is epic!

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