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    Default Need help finding a comic: Legion of Super-Heroes

    I'm on the look out for the issue of Legion where Laurel Gand meets Lar Gand aka Valor.

    They do meet each other, right?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Lar and Laurel were both in Legionnaires throughout the 90s and that title crossed over with Valor. Of course there were different timelines running though so a specific reference I probably wouldn't know enough about even if I read the latest LoSH.
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    Laurel Gand was created as a Supergirl replacement for the Legion for the 5YL era. She appeared already knowing Lar Gand in the regular series, but her origin was explained in issue 9 (1998 series).
    I don't remember if they knew each other in the Zero Hour Legion.
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