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    Quote Originally Posted by Masterff View Post

    Barts Memory is unique to him.
    Read TT where Conner,Bart,Cassie and Tim joined the TT.

    There is a scene in which Bart talks about a Pharao to Wally and Jay and he explains to them that he read it with Super-Speed and he still reminds that.

    Wally and Jay are BOTH!! surprised because they both CANT do that.

    Speed Scouts were unique to him, but now Godspeed seems to have the same powers

    Iris West II has shown to have abilities as adult which NEITHER Jay, nor Barry, nor Wally, nor Bart have:
    Speed Cocoons!
    And yet both have done it since. Godspeed, as you mentioned, also has copied some of his powers.

    When it comes to Flash powers, ultimately whoever is the main Flash will have access to that ability unless it's plot relevant. Impulse is tertiary at best right now, ergo if Williamson wants Barry to have Speed Scouts, he will. Fight it all you want, this is how DC operates. You tell me I'm wrong and then provide examples that essentially prove I'm right. When needed, the "main" character of the IP will inherit the abilities farmed up by their supporting cast.

    Yeah, Nightwing is twice the aerialist that Bruce or Barbara will ever be, but they won't likely slam their face on pavement and think "damn, Dick could have made that." They usually get by just fine and Nightwing's superiority in that field will only come up when the writer really wants to remind you of it, but it rarely holds any significance. DC has done very poorly in the last decade at letting the sidekicks and supporting cast shine because it absorbs their relevancy into the primary IP in an effort to make it stronger but in actuality making it more bland.

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    Yeah that's the only thing that irks me about a lot of DC teams nowadays. You're bound to have some combo of a Superperson, Batperson, Amazon, Speedster, and GL taking up half the roster. One of the worst offenders was the new Outsiders... like why did it have to have Batman AND Duke AND Cass. Grace and Thunder, Element Woman, and quite a few other non Bat characters could've provided diversity in a multitude of ways.

    Will commend Johns though on JSA since even if there was a GL, Flash, and Superperson, they weren't the only ones getting attention (and Alan sometimes does different powers than just constructs), and he managed to have some legacy characters different than their predecessor, like adding Obsidian, making Ted's son a werecat, and Cyclone having just the wind powers (which all 3 of these having unique powers for a team book).
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    Quote Originally Posted by the illustrious mr. kenway View Post
    I agree about Keli and would prefer her to be a technopath instead.

    I agree with Wallace but he's kid flash and apart of the west family so what else should he have?
    Like I said I would have prefered to have Quick,Iris West II or XS INSTEAD of him...

    Quick had a variety of other powers and not only her speed..

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