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    I didn't really like what James Gunn did with Mantis. He made her into a total joke.

    And, compared to the comics version, movie Gamora is really lacking in the "most dangerous woman in the galaxy" department.

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    Quote Originally Posted by U.N. Owen View Post
    Viper and Silver Samurai from The Wolverine. They sucked. Viper isn't intimidating in the slightest and Silver Samurai had bad CGI for the standard of its time where all tension goes away.
    I guess they were hamstrung with Madame Hydra being under the Marvel Studios banner, so thats why we got the Viper we got in Wolverine.

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    Everything about the MCU Spiderman. I thought the Raimi movies were near perfection in adapting Spiderman. The Andrew Garfield ones weren't great movies but still stayed true to Spidey. The MCU ones though are crap. Why do I want to see a high school aged Spidey who worships Iron Man when he was only high school for about 28 issues ever before going to the adult world. And they bastardized the supporting cast so badly to the point of they are the characters in name only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanMad1977 View Post
    I forgot about the Kingpin in the hulk movies...shame on me...but it was soooo bad
    ^^^haha, np! That movie was the opposite of good.

    For my part itís taken me till now to notice that the 1989 TV movie costume...

    ...which I remember thinking was awful, is basically the same design Frank Miller used a few years later in 1993...

    In my defense I was really busy in the early nineties, having just joined the Army.
    My collecting was really spotty for several years!

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    Since Big Hero 6 is technically a Marvel property, I'm going to say just about the entire cast. This isn't a bad thing since I hated the original comic run and their bizarre creative choices. "Takachiho" really, comic? Did you bang on the keyboard to get that surname?

    Although, their adaptation of Deathstrike was questionable. You can thank his more famous sister for that.

    Speaking of Deathstrike, she sucked. At least she had a good fight scene in X2. What a waste of Kelly Hu.

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    The Good- Sam Raimi Spiderman, Some X-Men films as a social commentary drama for racism, prejudice, War and politics like the many classic comic book themes. Winter Solder being MCU first attempt to make a grown up comic movie that does the comic justice with less Disney kid friendly push.

    The Bad- The dark phoenix saga from X3 and Dark Phoenix are awful adaptions. Many MCU movies having more big comedy elements unlike the comics. Sony's failed Amazing Spiderman 2 set up deal for sinister six. I think this were just bad compared to the comics.

    The Ugly- Unlike marvel comics that is regarded for many of its daring groundbreaking story elements, Marvel movies are looked down upon as superficial entertainment that has sparked a series of controversy and negative reactions from many important Hollywood film legends. This has been so ugly, it has brought unfair collateral damage to anything marvel related.
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    Nvm forget it
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