Hello, this is my first post. I am the writer of "Mars Heroes" which is a completed script that I've been converting into a Graphic Novel. So far we have one completed issue which is available on my Website along with Bonus Material by different artists contributing to the project. My website is: redsandbox.org

I like open world games and there's Red Sand on Mars, that is why I chose the name "RedSandBox". Hopefully you are not misled by the title "Mars Heroes". I've incorporated lots of Horror elements later in the script. The second issue should be completed in approximately three months. All artists are credited on my site and on the Credit's Page which can be found in the Blog Section (work in progress).

I also have an Instagram page @redsandbox_mars
At the moment we have a low number of followers. I will probably wait to post more content until that number increases. If anyone has a Kickstarter campaign, or an Instagram page, I would be happy to follow. Just reply or send me a message or an email. And enjoy the comic! Thanks so much, Anthony Mancuso