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Action Comics #21: Stranded on Apokalips:

With two of his sons captured by Darkseid, Superman must take the fight to Apokalips!! But when misadventure scatters the Family of Steel across two worlds, there may not be time to save Superboy from his dark fate…

By: Tobias Christopher.

Batgirl #14: Blinded by Indifference: Part 2:

In the Narrows, it’s not the dark that scares you, it’s what you know is waiting for you in the night! The homeless of Gotham’s forgotten District are being herded up to be taken to parts unknown, and only Batgirl has spotted their activities without becoming a victim herself. The question is, what exactly can she do about it?

By: Emma Woods.

Girl of Steel #11: The Eradication Mandate: Part 2:

Kara Zor El is the last, living witness to the fall of Krypton and now, on her adopted homeworld of Earth, history may see fit to repeat itself!! Mysteries of the past come crashing into the present, and the House of El must face a legacy that they had not known that they had inherited, the Faceless King who calls himself Origin…

By: Emma Woods.

Gotham Knights #1: Shadow of the Bat: Part 1:

When Jean-Paul Valley was selected to put on the cowl and replace Bruce Wayne as Batman, it ended in disaster. Now, years on, the reformed vigilante known as Azrael is looking to make peace with his past failures, and learn from his mistakes. Will this pursuit for self-discovery lead him to place of self-enlightenment, or will it instead drive him straight into a collision course with the man who had been his Robin, the boy he had tried to kill, Tim Drake?

By: Emma Woods.

Hellblazer #5: Hello Darkness: Part 2:

There’s a killer loose on the streets of England, and John Constantine is on the case to stop him. Trouble is, the would-be victims might not be terribly pleased to see him…

By: Chris Munn.

Impulse #16: Toy Story:

The toys are alive. How? Good question. Why? Better Question. Impulse, however, will probably be more concerned with convincing them that he is not one of them!!

By: Tobias Christopher.