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    Default The loading speed of Comicrack

    Hi, I am new here. Sorry if I posted in the wrong sub. I saw a similar thread being posted here.

    Does anyone has issue with comicrack when there are large amount of pages in the book? ~200 files. 1.x mb each. It seems comicrack can extract the 7z really fast if the zip has 1x files. But the speed goes down by a lot when there are a lot of pages. Most of the time they need to crawl (extract?) the pages and thumbnails during the import. At first, I think I can simply crawl everything and I can read them smoothly in the future. However, the cache is gone after half of the day and it crawls everything all over again which leads to a long wait.

    Am I doing something wrong? I already set a big value at thumbnail and page cache setting. Or am I suppose to break down a thick book and import them by chapters ( 20 pages ) for a faster run? And what about if I want to read the comic at another PC. How do I transfer those cache there?
    It is nightmare to crawl everything over and over again.

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    Did you try posting this on the ComicRack forums on the ComicRack website?

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