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  • Pure detective story in which Batman solves a mystery

    30 69.77%
  • Batman taking on 'ordinary' street crime or the Mob

    13 30.23%
  • Clash between Batman and an iconic Rogue's Gallery member

    18 41.86%
  • Batman as a superhero fighting larger-than-life threats (alien, supernatural, technological etc.)

    3 6.98%
  • Character pieces about Batman or a supporting cast member

    19 44.19%
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    I don't really have a hankering for a solo detective story, despite it being the biggest complaint in discussions. Writers keep promising more detective stories, and those stories either end up not being detective stories, or being very weak. Now, if you told me we'd get more Black Mirrors, with strong Batfamily interaction, and actual care paid to the clues and reasoning, I might be interested, but that's not what I'm seeing.

    I prefer character pieces, especially dealing with relationships in the Batfamily.
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    It calls into question in my mind why Batman exists, if he isn't doing detective work most of the time and bringing in thieves and murderers to face justice. If most of the stories are about his personal life and problems, then is just about a guy going through personal issues--there's no reason for him to be Batman, the Masked Manhunter. If it's about Batman battling his cast of rogues, then it's just a hamster wheel, where they never actually go down for their crimes and just keep coming back--and you get all these stories that allege it's because of Batman all these costumed freaks exist in the first place--so Batman isn't the hero he ought to be, because he just makes Gotham worse. If Batman is a super-hero with powers fighting super-powered villains, then it contradicts what is supposed to be the defining aspect of the character--that he's just an ordinary guy solving crimes and risking his life in the process.

    I can never get tired of good mysteries. Of course, if they're badly written and executed, then it doesn't do anything for me. But your classic whodunnit formula never gets old, because it's always a new story, with new suspects, new plots, new clues, that has a definitive ending (the criminals don't come back).
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    Whenever the enemies are "someone from Bruce Wayne's past!" or some "Bat-Family" nonsense- it kills it for me. Batman is the Dark Avenger, the World's Greatest Detective. I want to see him figure out cold cases and heinous crimes, as purely a 3rd party. Those things may become personal, while he gets to know the people involved or even the villain- but he's still removed.
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    All! Heck, more often than not we get a mixture of two or more options.

    One of the great things about the Batman character is that he's become so versatile he can be in almost any kind of story without feeling out of place. All we need is a decent story, some passable art and we have another thrilling adventure to enjoy. Scott Snyder and Tom King's Batman are the same guy, yet in utterly different contexts. It's awesome!
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    Normally I'd say character study since I really love those type of stories but since I started reading comics in 2011 I've had nothing but Character studies when it comes to Batman so I'd like to be reminded why he's called the world's greatest detective.

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    My favorite Batman story was Batman #400. It had intrigue. It had ALL the rogues and great writing. It was the perfect Batman story, bar none.

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