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    Default Smallville Season 11 comes

    Anyone read these? I thought it was a great idea to take the tv show and expand on it and add things that they couldn't when the show was airing like Wonder Woman, Batman, etc. I thought it was a nice capper to the series as it set up the Justice League and Clark fully coming into his own and embracing his destiny as Superman. The one nagging thing although I think it's minor is Lana. I think they were able to bring closure to her character when she met up with Lois, establishing that she was ok with Clark/Lois and that she was proud of what Clark was doing. But I was surprised that Bryan Q. Miller didn't include a scene with Clark seeing Lana again. That could have been something with him understanding why she left and getting the explanation about how the Kryptonite got removed from her body. I guess he was hesitant about going there considering they had Lana leave the show twice and almost railroad the Clark/Lois relationship in the process.

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    Season 11 is a great comic with a great cast of characters. the digital format and how the issues were released used to piss me off a lot. Also was never a huge fan of the art.

    another bummer was Didio last minute replacing Stephanie Brown with Barbara Gordon as the Nightwing character that was Batman's sidekick. it was around the same time as New 52 and we were all just annoyed that we couldn't even get Steph back in an alternate universe
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    Terrible art, and way too focused on other DC characters with just a minor interest in actually telling Superman adventure stories. It was 'okay' though!

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