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    Quote Originally Posted by Frontier View Post
    Well, the AI got us Paul Bettany as Vision worked out for the best in its own way?
    It worked out for Vision, and I love him, but... it shouldn't have come at the expense of the actual Jarvis, IMO. There are certain things that are so iconic and symbolic in the comics that I would prefer if they kept 'em. Like the Avengers Mansion; why didn't we ever see that? Like I said, I hope they still will find a way to incorportate those things in future movies/shows. Better late than never.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drops Of Venus View Post
    Are you kidding me? One of the MCU's greatest mistakes was turning Jarvis into an AI. I'm still hoping someone will fix that and say that Edwin has a descendant who will become the Avengers butler that we know and love in the present. #JusticeForJarvis

    One of the things that disappointed me about live action Jarvis was that he was portrayed as a bit of a wimp. Comic Jarvis was a skilled boxer in his I would have like to have seen him be a little more two-fisted when necessary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrNewGod View Post
    They've both been charming, but There Can Be Only One! Should Jarvis be a human butler, or an artificial intelligence?
    He is the Alfred of the Avengers!

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