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    Where were you when the US collage team beat the Russians? Do you remember?

    At a time when the US population was really sad?
    When I was seventeen,
    I drank some very good beer,
    I drank some very good beer
    I purchased with a fake ID.

    My name was Brian McGee,
    I stayed up listenin' to Queen
    When I was seventeen.

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    I wasn't born yet but I dont think it woulda mattered. Never met a Samoan that cared about Hockey at all. Or growing up in southern california really. We have like 3 Pro hockey teams but I never saw any kind of organized Hockey at all outside of then the pros as a kid. But thain again I grew up in the hood, maybe up in Orange county kids were playing hockey idk.

    Seen the movies about it.... mighty Ducks and Mystery Alaska are better.

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