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    Default Harley Quinn & the Birds of Prey #1 Discussion/Spoilers

    Okay, first of all, I'm pretty happy to have both Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti working on Harley Quinn once again since their run was pretty much the best era of the character and it hasn't been the same since they left.

    Second, despite that this story features some of the Birds of Prey, this is mostly a Harley Quinn story (Just like the movie I guess. BAM!).

    In fact, this story is pretty much based on the movie, like an amalgam between the universes of the comics and the films since it stars the exact same characters except that at least these are based on the comics continuity. A lot of Harley's themes are implemented here including her whole cast, world and demeanor. The characterization is on-point due to the writers involvement meaning that you see a lot of typical Harley stuff like her having fun/troubles with Ivy, sleeping with her whole Gang of Harleys and constantly hitting on Power Girl (Speaking of which, Power Girl series when?). The usual humour you can expect from this team also returns and I happily welcome it.

    I almost forgot this is a Black Label book but that quickly becomes evident once that the "F" word is dropped but just because of that since, while there's a lot of blood in this issue, is not like there wasn't any lack of it during Harley's series. You might wonder when the Birds of Prey get involved though, the answer is almost towards the end which makes it a bit disappointing and weird since it seems like Harley knows them all closely despite of not really meeting most of them before.

    Conner's artwork is perfect for the book thanks to her cartoony style which is really expressive and conveys the plot really well.

    Strong issue, glad to have this team back.

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    As I imaginated another Harley serie. The Birds of Prey are here to make them Harley new friends

    I am sorry Cass but I am not interested in this.

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    Never read any Harley by Amanda and Connor before. The dialouge was fun and flowed good. To me it seems the further they diverged from Harley and into the BoP the worse it became.

    Even when these are elseworld-BoP I'm having trouble appreciating them. Cass was my draw and she didn't do much. I can only agree that her watching so many thugs get maimed and killed seemed disturbing. Not a character I want to see more off. So I won't pick up more issues. On the coloring is Cass indian in this issue? I haven't watched the move but her skin tone seems darker then Ella Jay Basco.

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