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    Default DC's best kept secrets

    I'm gonna try to keep this intro simple, this is a space to share current titles that you feel don't get the attention it deserves or that you want to make a case for those who aren't reading them to read them.

    for me personally, Batman and the Outsiders and The Terrifics don't get the love they deserve. they both have distinct genre film vibes to them and feel less bog down by with all the drama of the "higher end'" titles; Outsiders does somewhat, due to Batman's involvement, but not too much. Terrifics has a fun pulpy scifi feel while Outsiders feels more like a straight up action movie, I definitely feel they are some of the most consistent runs (in terms of quality) at DC right now. plus I love the fact that they are both spearheaded by creators of color and led by characters of color, because that type of thing is important to me personally.

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