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    Quote Originally Posted by WebLurker View Post
    While I will agree that TMNT 2012 was better then the previous adaptations on all levels, the original '80s cartoon turned the Turtles, previously an cult classic comic, into a juggernaut franchise and defined what the franchise was (the colored masks, pizza, Turtle's personalities, Shredder being the main enemy, etc., were created by that show). So, it may not be the "best," but it's arguably more "important" then the successor shows (and maybe even some of the others on the list; While "Batman" is the better show, it was not as impactful on pop culture).
    Sure, but the Newsarama article is titled "10 Best Comic Book Animated Series of All Time", and says "we're looking back at the greatest comic book animated series of all time" in the introduction.

    The original TMNT cartoon is obviously the most important, just as the 1960s Spider-Man cartoon is more important than the 1990s iteration.

    If the list was of the most culturally impactful shows, then Young Justice would have no place on it. Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z absolutely would.

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    Replace Superfriends with Teen Titans and I'm okay with this list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frontier View Post
    I think 2K12 did a good job of blending together the 80's cartoon and 2K3 with some influences from the comic, even if some characters weren't as memorable as in 2K3 or the show didn't pace out its storylines as well as 2K3 did.
    Honestly, I never got fondness for the 2k3 cartoon (I will concede I didn't see everything of it, to be fair). Because of that, I can't really say how well paced it was in comparison to 2K12, although I do think it's fair that some the latter did have its fair share of stuffing too much filler in certain spaces and did drop a few plot threads over time (although, when they were on target, they nailed it). As far as characters being more memorable in 2k3, I think that 2k12 got better performances and often found good ways to update old characters (e.g. Bebop and Rocksteady). The one character that really stood out to me as a breakout character was Hun (created for the show and reimagined for the original comics, IDW reboot comics, and 2k12), while I think 2k12's "most likely" to carry forward is Tiger Claw (original creation who has yet to reappear).

    In regards to 2k3 in general, I found that the voice acting was pretty flat and I'm not sure the characters had that much nuance. Humor fell like lead balloons and it didn't seem to push the envelope the way that 2k12 was able to. I think 2k3 was trying to be the Batman: The Animated Series of Ninja Turtles cartoons, which is deserving of respect for shooting for the moon, but I don't think it pulled it off and also lost quite a bit of the what made the franchise unique in trying for a more serious take. IMHO, while not terrible, the show did nothing that none of the other installments did better (to be fair, though, 2k12 was the only other one to delve into drama, so trying to compare 2k3 with the ''80s or Rise cartoon is comparing shows with different objectives).

    Just how I see things in my biased perspective.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mutant God View Post
    Replace Superfriends with Teen Titans and I'm okay with this list.
    Pretty awesome show true enough.

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    While I will agree that BTAS is top dog (as it was able to revolutionize AND have good writing) a lot of these on the list

    So the Spider-Man cartoon is only there due to it's theme song? Well...okay...

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    This list feels more like the "most popular" and not the best. Superfriends was campy fun but no way are they the best. The 80s turtles is great 80s fun but the 2002 turtles was a better more story based show.

    Where is wolverine and the X-Men? Where are all the manga shows like my hero academia and tons of others? Many not even hero cartoons. Where is doraemon?

    This list just took the big known shows and called it a day.

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    I think Batman: The Animated Series, X-Men, Gargoyles and Exo-Squad really raised the bar in the '90s.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caj View Post
    Pretty nice list, but not sure about the order.

    10. Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
    9. Ducktales
    8. The Tick
    7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    6. Justice League Unlimited
    5. Super Friends
    4. Spiderman
    3. X-Men: The Animated Series
    2. Young Justice
    1. Batman: The Animated Series
    Least they got #1 right. A:EMH is too low and The Spectacular Spider-Man should be among the ten, I have it second only to B:TAS.

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    I can kind of get including Super Friends and TMNT for their impact alone but they don't belong on a list with The Tick and Young Justice. Teen Titans and even X-Men: Evolution are better additions. The aforementioned Spectacular Spider-Man should replace regular ole' Spider-Man.

    And it may be too soon to include the currently ongoing Harley Quinn in the list but at the pace it's going at, can see it ending up pretty high on countdowns of this kind once it wraps.

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