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    Default Gabrielle (from Xena) vs. Faith (from Buffy)

    Gabrielle (from Xena) vs. Faith (from Buffy). Who wins?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7-Love View Post
    Gabrielle (from Xena) vs. Faith (from Buffy). Who wins?
    It depends on when in their careers. For the most part, Faith would destroy Gabrielle.

    Towards the last few seasons of "Xena", when Lucy Lawless suffered an injury and they had to make Gabbie more of a warrior, it would be more of a fight, it would be closer though Faith would still win.

    At the very end, when Gabrielle could do everything Xena could do (except the leaping) and Xena completed it by teaching her pressure points, well, by feats, Faith would still win because we don't actually see Gabrielle performing all of Xena's feats but it would be really close.
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