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    Default Superman/Clark & Lois Lane favorite romantic moments ever

    What are your favorite Superman/Clark and Lois romantic moments in all media?

    I know there is a lot, but one of my faves is from The Death of Superman when he reveals his identity and leaves her that note saying he loves her, and when she tells him she loves him too. It felt really good.

    Also, their whole romance and kiss in the moon in All Star Superman.

    The rooftop and flight in Superman the Movie. The music was just perfect. I even like her inner dialogue, I'm a girl, sue me!

    In Man of Steel movie when he tells Lois how much it meant to him that she believed in him. I like how mature their relationship is already as she knows his real identity.

    come on, show your romantic heart. Happy Valentine's Day!

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    From smallville,first two episodes of season 4 where lois is introduced.

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    Smallville's 200th Episode, Homecoming, has one of my favorites:

    There's a lot in that episode that's great, but flashforward is fantastic.

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    Death and Return was already mentioned, so I guess my favorite after that would be the reunion during The Death of Clark Kent. That had a similar well-crafted set-up, journey, and payoff. Actually I think kind of better. Clark is on the run, thinks Lois was killed very early in the story. Lois survived, but still being a target has to use her wits and guile to not only travel the country to try and find Clark by trailing him, but also keep her identity hidden so Conduit's agents don't realize she's still alive and target herself for assassination all over again. By the time they meet back up in the arc's epilogue, it was a pretty strong pay off.
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