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    Default since it is a new decade..what are your top 3 DC runs of the decade

    has to be a run that started January 1st 2010- January 1st 2020.... as its publishing date, can be ongoing or complete

    what are your top 3 dc comic book runs of the decade
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    Red Hood and the Outlaws Rebirth
    Super Sons
    Doomsday Clock

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    Morrison's action comics
    Supersons and tomasi's superman

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    1. Greg Rucka's Wonder Woman Rebirth

    2. Joelle Jones' Catwoman

    3. Robert Venditti's Hawkman

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    1. Starfire (2015)

    2. Mike Norton's Billy Batson & the Magic of SHAZAM!

    3. Batman Incorporated, Vol. 2 (2012)
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    Thinking about my top 3 DC runs of the new '10s made me a little sad, since I realized how temporally remote all of them are. Had it been a top 5, I might have included something more recent (like Grayson or the second volume of Red Hood and the Outlaws).

    1) Brian Azzarello's Wonder Woman, the only glimmer of light after the end of Greg Rucka's first run on the character. I ended up completely dropping WW once I realized that I would have never read anything quite like Brian Azzarello's take again.

    2) China Miéville's Dial H. I would have really liked to see Miéville write more comics, since I love his work as a novelist and as a historian. The new Dial H series is so bad and amateurish compared to this one that I dropped it after the third comic (or was it fourth? I can't remember, it was so boring that every issue felt three times longer than it was).

    3) Abnett & Lanning's Resurrection Man. Worthy follow-up of the original comic from the Nineties, from the same creative team. I also miss the DnA writing partnership, since Abnett's solo titles so far were all very unsatisfying.

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    If we're talking just main DC its:

    1. Justice League: Darkseid War by Johns/Reis/Fabok
    2. Action Comics by Pak/Kuder
    3. Wonder Woman by Azzarello/Chiang

    If we're talking all of DC (DC + imprints) it's:

    1. Sweet Tooth
    2. Daytripper
    3. Punk Rock Jesus
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    1. Green Arrow - Lemire
    2. Justice League - Johns
    3. Detective Comics - Manapual/Layman

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    1. Greg Rucka on Wonder Woman Rebirth
    2. Grant Morrison on Action Comics
    3. Grant Morrison on The Green Lantern

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    Christopher Priest's run on Deathstroke - they were too scared to give him Batman, tried to give him Cyborg, he ended up with Deathstroke and knocked it out of the fucking park. to this day one of DC's most consistently high quality runs to come out ever. it's a master class in why Priest should be an architect of the DC landscape and how DC is SLEEEEEPING on the secret weapon that is Christopher Priest. i honestly believe DC would be in a better place if they gave a lot the big impact gritty stories they gave to King (like Heroes in Crisis or City of Bane) to Priest instead.

    Geoff Johns & Dan Abnett's run on Aquaman - I truly can not separate these two runs because of how naturally one rolls into the other. I love Abnett's run but you need Johns' run for context on Adnett's because it picks up immediate off it and uses elements from it; plus Ries' art is amazing, they always give Johns the best artists in the game so that is always a plus for him. if i had to pick one i say Abnett because that was when i was like "aight, i love Aquaman now. he's top 10 or top 5 for me." but for me they are inseparable

    Scott Lobdell's run on Red Hood & the Outlaws - despite his questionable behavior off the page, Scott Lobdell has done a masterful job building out Red Hood's personal mythos and has developed Artemis and Bizarro into two of my favorite comic book characters ever; it's really that simple. it's rare you see DC take the time to allow characters to grow and come into their own organically, especially if they are in Batman's orbit, and i feel Red Hood (even when he was with his old Outlaws team) has beaten the odds and defined himself, and his niche, in his own corner of the wider DC universe beautifully. Red Hood was one of the first (i think he was THE first) full length run i ever finished and since rebirth, he has cemented himself as one of my top 5 favorite characters of all time, point blank motherfucking period.

    personal favorites that deserve an honorable mention

    Jamal Campbell, Brian Michael Bendis & David F. Walker on Naomi - excellent debut season and a breakout project for Jamal Campbell. this was Campbell's book but Bendis and Walker definitely did their thing setting Naomi up to take the world by storm.

    David F. Walker on Cyborg - a lot of wasted potential here, DC fucked up by chasing Walker off this title and resetting Victor back to square one

    Bryan Hill, Dexter Soy, & Veronica Gandini on Batman and the Outsiders - I love the roster, I'm always intrigued by what this title is doing and these guys as a unit are my favorite creative team working right now. such great chemistry!

    Steve Orlando's run on Midnighter and Apollo - one of my earliest series when i first started diving into comics and i loved it. larger than life while keeping it grounded and far too shortlived.

    Joshua Williamson's run on The Flash - I fucking love Godspeed! Joshua Williamson continuously demonstrates his love for the Flash while simultaneously expanding the Flash mythos in ways i absolutely love. I truly feel this is probably the most expansive run on The Flash since like Waid, easily would've be my number 5 pick if we were doing up top 5.

    Sam Humphries' run on Green Lanterns - before this run I just did not like Jessica Cruz at all, like AT ALL AT ALL, this run changed that. Humphries did a phenomenal job building up the characters of Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz and made them my absolute favorite duo in DC (suck a stick Batman and Robin this my dynamic duo); and without forcing them to be together romantically (though i would like that oh so very much). while i miss them together, i love all the success Jessica has gotten and i say this is the book that kicked it off. #4 easily for me.
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    1. Scott Snyder's Batman
    2. Geoff Johns' Aquaman
    3. Scott Lobdell's Red Hood and the Outlaws (Rebirth). I know he is a terrible person, but I am able to separate the artist to appreciate how good this book has been.

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    Morrison’s Batman and Robin
    Priest's Deathstroke
    King/Seeley Grayson

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    Damn this is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Despite all my complaints DC put out a lot of good work during the 2010s. Alright here’s three runs that I love:

    Grant Morrison’s Batman Incorporated: Not really a self-contained run, this is the grand finale for Morrison’s Bat-Epic. It’s colorful, funny, action packed, and also dark, gritty, and frankly pretty damn depressing. It’s a story that has perhaps the most cynical ending from Morrison ever, turning “Batman and Robin will never die!” from a defiant battle cry against evil to a pessimistic analysis of how Batman will never be allowed to be more than a sad little boy crying out for mommy and daddy. “Sons are born to die in war” remains one of my favorite one-liners of all time. It’s a thrilling read.

    Grant Morrison’s Action Comics is another one of my favorite reads. This is the run that pretty much revolves around tackling all the common criticisms of Superman. Too overpowered? He’s back to Golden Age power levels at the start and gets beaten black and blue pretty badly throughout the whole run. Too perfect? This Superman is headstrong, overconfident, and not afraid to throw his weight around, consequences be damned. He follows a character arc that mirrors his real world publication history. The Golden Age social justice crusader grows into the Silver Age cosmic champion, and then becomes the introspective Bronze Age intellectual by the ending. It’s a run that embraces all the craziness of the Supermythos from Bottled Cities, to multi color Kryptonite, to evil space alien-mummies from the Phantom Zone, rampaging interstellar robots, devils from the Fifth Dimension and more grounded aspects like Clark’s investigative journalism.

    Christopher Priest’s Deathstroke has to be my third favorite read. This is not a story about a tragic anti-hero with a heart of gold, or even an anti villain. Slade is a piece of **** who kills people for money and brings misery to everyone he comes across, and Priest thoroughly mines that for all its worth. It’s a run that’s as darkly violent and brutally cynical as you would expect from Priest writing an assassin, yet is also surprisingly funny and heartwarming at times as well. Slade’s sole redeeming feature is his utterly warped love for his kids, and Joey and Rose are every bit the stars of this book as well. I started this run not giving a single **** about any of the characters and ended it with a deep appreciation for everyone involved. Time will tell if this run earns the same classic status as Priest’s Black Panther, but it absolutely deserves to in my eyes.

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