I am still hoping that the current Conner will change in future.

An Idea which I have and I would think it would be really, really cool:

I really really really loved the NEW52 Superman Design in Shirt and Jeans
It was a really cool outfit and the Black Background with the red S is PERFECT for Conner.
In Pre-Flashpoint Conner was wearing the Shirt and Jeans Outfit during TT and in his last Solo-Series.
For me it was always to simplistic, but the NEW52 Superman Shirt looks cool and with the red S on the black background it also includes Conners Logo and he can use it to differentiate from Clarks Logo, but still has a kind of connection to it.

I also really loved the NEW52 Superboy TATTOO
I think it would look very cool on Conner

I like the biker-leather-jacket, but I would make it more simple like the Pre-Flashpoint Leather Jacket, so without spikes etc. only a S-Patch on the Back.

So practically the NEW52 Superman in T-Shirt and Jeans, with the Tattoo and Leather-Jacket and sometimes also sunglasses in Pilot-Style.

It would look cool and remind on every Conner Version and a logical progression...


I loved Earth-One Superman and NEW52 Superman who hadnt the same attitude as "regular" Clark.

This combined with the Kessel Superboy with the One-Liners and catch-phrase: dont mess with the S!

Cool, self-confident, sarcastic, but also always ready to fight.....


I like that Conner lives on Hawaii, which would be a cool reference to the Kessel Superboy.

This means that he would also come again in Contact with Roxy, Dubbilex....
I also like that he visits Tanas Grave....

He also encounters again his old enemies Sidearm,King Shark....encounters Knockout again..



I also like that he drives a Harley, a muscle car and he spends also time on beach surfing...


Together with Cassandra Sandsmark..
Sharing a flat with her...

Maybe with Bart Allen living in the same house..

Life as Hero:

I like that he gets the Hero of Hawaii and spends his time not only fighting against Enemies, but also saving people.
This is what I miss in the latest Conner Adventures.

I liked when he saved also people after earthquakes etc.


Full Kryptonian+TTK

But I like that he tries also to rely more on TTK, to differentiate himself from Clark.