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    Default Super Heroes Fan Couples?

    Alternative couples you would like to see, something different from famous ones like Harley and Ivy, Superman and Wonder Woman or Lois, Bruce and Talia, Bruce and Selina, Bruce and Diana, Dick and Barbara or Kory, Beast Boy and Raven or Terra... alternative couples you would like to see on comics and/or live action - animation.

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    Wonder Woman and Artemis

    Artemis Crock and Mia Dearden

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    Batman and Zatanna

    Aquaman and WonderWoman

    I'd like to see Superman with a female Villian. Just to see how it work but im not really sure who.

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    I'll speak for the Secret Society of PowerWing™ when I suggest Power Girl and Nightwing would be a fun ship.

    While I don't ship it myself, I've seen a lot of support for Tim and Conner and I can totally see it happening. Down with it if it comes to pass.

    John Stewart and Fire. He needs someone to shake him from being so damn stoic all the damn time and I can see Beatriz waking up that dormant youth in John, but her time in Checkmate shows she can also be plenty serious if need be. It could work.

    Quote Originally Posted by Katana500 View Post
    I'd like to see Superman with a female Villian. Just to see how it work but im not really sure who.
    I think that was the entire point behind Maxima. They made an annual about what would happen should that come to pass.
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    Said it in other threads,
    Martian Manhunter & Wonder Woman.

    Ray Palmer could definitely use a relationship.
    Id like to see him try and mellow out Dr. Light.

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