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    Default DCEU Doomsday VS 616 Benjamin Grimm

    Who would win?

    *I assume neither can BFR.
    Both have surviced being nuked as well.

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    Thing probably CAN space toss, but that's boring so I'll ignore it :P

    DCEU Superman is already getting close to the Class 80 benchmark, perhaps slightly below it. Doomsday has him beat for raw power, so the strength gap between these two is quite small if even there at all.

    Doomsday also has the benefit of being able to soften Thing up at range with Heat Vision potent enough to cut skyscrapers in half. When they finally engage in h2h, Thing is a better fighter in terms of skill, but hes hardly a Batman or Wonder Woman level opponent.

    Thing slugs him in the face frequently but none of it sticks. Doomsday absorbs and redistributes the energy of most of what he gets hit by and has a healing factor to boot.

    Basically, Doomsday is roughly tied with guy in terms of stats but then possesses every other possible advantage aside from a little bit of skill and smarts.
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