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    Post Demon Knights Vol 2: Will they feature in Rebirth?

    Demon Knights
    Will they have a rebirth comic series? 'Cause for me I love the events in Demon Knights Vol 1.

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    I don't see it happening soon because the concept of Rebirth, in the beginning, was to trim down and focus on the popular hero characters that DC is known for, so less experimenting and less diverse titles than New 52. They tried experimenting with new characters, but they got canceled not long after.

    Now, they're preparing to reestablish the universe with a new timeline and preparing for stories set years in the future where they play around with the status quo, but still focusing on Superman and Batman.

    So it doesn't look like they'll have time for them. Even the non-continuity graphic novels are reinterpreting characters people already know like Teen Titans and Batman family.

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