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    Quote Originally Posted by Wind Rider View Post
    Praise indeedy ! This cover is EVERYTHING! Cannot wait!
    It's going to look so gorgeous on the shelves!
    Boop! Krakoa forever!

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    Buy - Fantomex, Nightcrawler, Storm

    Borrow - Magneto

    Pass - Jean & Emma

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    I think Hickman's Magneto will be something important and intriguing to read and Hickman's favorite is Magneto therefore that's something.
    Keep Your Society. Take It With You To The Grave.

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    Mystique, Destiny and Moira Deserve their own Giant Size issue with all the undercover shady mess coming from their direction. The moment B-list characters are revealed to be the true movers and shakers of mutant kind.

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    Giant Size Nightcrawler: Ngl I'm pretty meh on Alan Davis' art. I appreciate the nostalgia of it but I find it's often a bit flat. Looks like Cypher, Eye-Boy & Lockheed are apart of the team mission for the GS Nightcrawler issue. Which makes sense, given it comes down to who the artists wanted to draw for these issues. Rachel & Thunderbird are on the cover. Perhaps we should be expecting Meggann too? Abyss, Trance or Trinary are who I'd like to see teaming up with Kurt but I won't hold my breath.

    Giant Size Jean Grey & Emma Frost: Can we drop Yu from the X-Men flagship and get Dauterman instead? Or get Dauterman on the big X-Men event/crossover? His work in Mighty Thor and War of the Realms have proven his worth as an artist. Boy do Jean & Emma look perfect.

    Giant Size Magneto: Banshee & Logan. Cool cool. Nice to see Sean again. I wonder if Polaris will feature at all in this one.

    Giant Size Fantomex: I look forward to seeing Rod Reis' take on the character. I wonder if this preview image of him kicking back is in the World, on Krakoa or the Astral Plane.

    Giant Size Storm: I was expecting Apocalypse to get the last Giant-Size issue, but another Dauterman issue is a treat, and obviously she's another character he's fond of drawing. I wish he could get around to Captain Britain (Betsy) too; maybe in a second set of Giant-Size X-Men issues if these prove successful.
    I'm interested in seeing what it'll do for Ororo given she's lacked a clear direction in recent years. Unless if that Coates Storm solo is finally arriving, I can only imagine the events of that issue will be followed up on in Marauders of the flagship X-Men title.

    Whatís it called when you respect each other, and intimately share a lot of things in your life, but refuse to visit the other personís house? Whatever ever thatís called is what they (Jean and Emma) have going on.
    I love this take on the two. I'm eager to see how their relationship continues to unfold. They're a fascinating pair.

    Oh, I have a theory about telepaths. I think, because of all the minds theyíre open to when their powers are emerging, that early on they tend to either become very closed off and cold (see: Xavier, Emma, Monet), or either overly open and very emotional (see: Jean).

    Itís really defined by how protective of yourself you are, or how youíre willing to sacrifice that because you think other things (and other people) matter more than yourself.

    Some people read being emotional, vulnerable and open as a weakness. Other people understand itís a different kind of strength.
    Another fascinating take. I'm very much inclined to agree. I wonder how this model applies to Quentin and Xi'an. I'd say Betsy & Nate are on the open/emotional side.

    Q: Exodus worshiped Magneto. That eventually stopped. How do they feel about each other now that they are both on the Quiet Council? A: I think that, along with many, many other things on the Council, has yet to be seen.
    One of many aspects of the Quiet Council I'm eager to read more about. Exodus is a character I'm drawn to as well, so I hope he starts getting more panel time.

    Quote Originally Posted by CGAR View Post
    OMG I just realized we could have gotten an Excalibur annual written by Jonathan Hickman.

    I am sad now because the idea got scrapped.
    Isn't Hickman still supposed to be rotating around the books co-writing and helping out? Like he did with New Mutants. I can only imagine he'll want to prep the books for his bigger plans down the line

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    That’s a very Byrne-ish Banshee.
    Nice to see him; let’s get him an updated uniform.

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