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    Default Marvel gives Luke a new interim saber

    Obviously sort of an in-between between the lost Anakin blue saber and his own green one.

    Previous EU usually potrayed him constructing the green one as his second Saber using guidelines from Obi-Wan Kenobi's home (Which also sort of explains why Luke's saber hilt is similar to Obi-Wan's) and going on a few adventures with it. However, a deleted ROTJ scene surfaced during the blu-ray release that implied that Luke constructed the saber during the events of the movie before putting it in R2. However Marvel's own "Age of Rebellion" comics show him just prior to ROTJ using the green lightsaber. (Deleted scenes I guess are kind of shaky canon-wise anyway).

    Soule claims it's mainly a homage of sorts to the first toy sabers which were yellow in color, but it's also similar to the Clone Wars Jedi Temple guards-the yellow color and the hilt are pretty much identical although this doesn't appear to be double-bladed.

    Also could be kind of foreshadowing Rey's eventual custom saber a bit. Info and opinions on a variety of interests.

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    The first two questions that come to mind:

    1. Where did Luke get this lightsaber (or who did it previously belong to?)

    2. What ultimately happens to it that causes Luke to eventually build his own?

    Of course, it's entirely possible that Luke built this one from scratch and that the green saber is actually the second lightsaber he's built, but I'm leaning more towards this yellow saber previously belonged to someone else.
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    My best guess is that Luke is wielding a lightsaber formerly belonging to a temple guard. While they're depicted with dual sabers and the flipping into place variant, Galaxies edge implies that this is an attachment that causes that. The Temple Guard saber is one saber rather than either dual bladed version and while not hard canon given how they exist in the park, these are meant to be representations of the in-universe items. Essentially that these sabers are actually one or two that then make up a dual bladed variant. This isn't out of the question seeing as dual becoming dual bladed is a thing in Fallen Order, and we know they had single bladed versions based on the vision Kannan had in Rebels. So Luke has likely found a single Temple guard saber and is using it in the interim. The shape is also about right for the emitter as it kind of resembles the saber from Rebels. While art can be iffy it's possible this is the case.

    Though this could be any Jedi's lightsaber though as yellow sabers aren't just limited to them.
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