Didn't think this episode was as good. I think it suffers from being a bit too action heavy for what it needs to do. While I have my issues with the voice acting, I think the action being a little too constant is what throws me off. The fight with the guards early on also didn't really seem like the punches and kicks connected, though this season does have a few sound hiccups here and there. One that comes to mind is in the prior episode where they forgot to add the filter for the clones and have one sound like he's too close to where he actually is. Here the punches and kicks either forgot sound in spots or its audio is too low so to me it didn't sound like it connected. The demolition droid also looked like it had little to no weight to it which I can't tell is fault of character design or animation taking a dip. Something that large even if it performs these moves should not seem as agile as the commando droid.

It's a B- tier episode to me and probably might slip to C+ later on when viewed in full.