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    Default Defenders (MCU) vs Terminators

    The Defenders:


    Luke Cage, Daredevil, Iron Fist, Colleen Wing, Jessica Jones, Misty Knight

    The battle is in New York City.

    1) T-800

    2) T-1000

    3) T-X

    4) Pops

    5) T-3000

    6) Rev-9

    7) Cromartie (SCC)

    8) Catherine Weaver (SCC)

    9) Cameron (SCC)

    Edit: This is not a gauntlet.
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    Is this a gauntlet? If so, that list is really not in order.

    Everyone except Luke Cage and maybe Jessica Jones are completely irrelevant. Danny can throw out an Iron fist, but I doubt it's going to take out a T-800. It could maybe take out Cromartie and Cameron.

    With that said:

    1) T-800 and Luke have a hard time hurting each other, but everyone piling on top might take out the T-800.
    2) T-1000 None of them are doing anything to it.
    3) T-X This is basically the same as the T-800 except worse, because the T-X has enough nasty weapons that none of them are surviving. Also, it's stronger and tougher than a T-800 by some amount so it's possible that Luke can't keep up.
    4) Pops at which point in the movie? Latest version of Pops was liquid metal, right? If so, see T-1000.
    5) T-3000 - Same as T-1000, but worse?
    6) Rev-9 - I actually haven't watched this movie, so no idea. If it's anything like the other terminators though...
    7) Cromartie - Cromartie I could buy this team beating eventually.
    8) Catherine Weaver - Not much offensive feats, she's impossible for them to kill.
    9) Cameron - Same as Cromartie, in a way. Less durable than a T-800, pretty killable by this team over time.

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    I'd give them a maybe on a T-800. I could see an Iron Fist maybe busting a nut or two loose but not much more than that to the original T-800. But if they use teamwork and take full advantage of Luke and Jessica's strength, they might be able to throw one into a metal press like in the original movie. I emphasize might.

    Everything and anyone above that level slaughters the Defenders. They certainly can't take a T-1000 or anything more advanced than that.

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    I see them having a chance against Rev-9, or at least the metal endoskeleton half of the equation.

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