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    Default Pyro Appreciation 2020

    St. John Allerdyce first appeared in Uncanny X-Men 141. Member of the Brotherhood of Mutants, now a Marauder. One of the first mutants resurrected on Krakoa.

    Simon Lasker burned down his school and then was brainwashed to join the Brotherhood of Mutants and become Pyro. Later joined the X-Men.

    Which Pyro do you prefer? Are Pyro and Avalanche more than friends? What do you think of Pyro in Marauders?


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    I prefer Pyro without the stupid skull tattoo/mask whatever. Just still doesn't feel or look right in Marauders. Plus not once has he looked for his old bro Avalanche yet. Or even Blob. Feels out of character so far.

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    I don’t think Duggan knows anything about this character beyond ‘Australian pyromancer’. Such a waste.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegan Daddy View Post
    I don’t think Duggan knows anything about this character beyond ‘Australian pyromancer’. Such a waste.
    I'm starting to feel this too. He's been so overly "comic relief" he could have literally been any other crazy character.

    Hopefully, we'll see him get some development soon. I'd love to see him interact with his old buddies Mystique, Avalanche, Phantazia, etc.

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    I've been trying to enjoy Pyro in Marauders just because I'm so happy to see him alive again (and being a regular in a book). I don't mind the comic relief stuff, as long as Duggan gives him some actual development at some point (and I'm hoping we'll get that in the upcoming issue.) But I agree he does feel a bit "off" in Marauders. And there's actually a lot of potential that Duggan could work with - Pyro died a slow, lingering death from the Legacy Virus, and ultimately went out in a heroic way. How does he feel about any of that? Does he even remember his choice to save Kelly (and how does he feel about the fact that Kelly got assassinated soon afterwards?) Is he still on good terms with his Brotherhood pals, or is there some bad blood because he basically turned on them at the end? Avalanche doesn't seem to have been resurrected yet, otherwise I'd expect to see them interact.

    If nothing else, I would be delighted if Duggan at least makes reference to Pyro being a writer. It's one of my favorite parts of his character - this mutant criminal/terrorist who bangs out romance novels on the side. I keep hoping we'll see that he's been writing a smutty historical pirate romance during his downtime.

    I definitely prefer Allerdyce to Lasker, who seemed kind of bland as a character. Although it would be interesting to see them team up.

    Pyro and Avalanche are !00% married.

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