Sorry if this isn't the correct forum, but I didn't see one for questions and comments, or off issues.

I've had an idea for a type of graphic novel/comic for some years now, but I have absolutely no means for creating such a thing. Aside from that, I'm not a good writer.

I'd like to make at least a mockup that I could send off to some underground comic companies to see if it would be worth something investing in.

Aside from going to a graphic arts school and advertising for this, which I really don't want, as they would be giving their time to school and not the project, I have no idea where to go to find potential help for this.

If possible, I need a good writer who can also do the artwork. I'm not completely incapable, I just don't have the money for all the necessary items needed for something like this. Someone who already has the artist supplies and the literary know how for creating comic bookks would be awesome, as it would be a "one person" deal.

And ideas?