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    Default Comics in unexplored categories

    I'm debating on whether to start two new imprints called Decompressed Comics (featuring stories that are told in microscopic detail) and Forcefield Comics (featuring stories of people in forcefields).

    Figured that no one is exploring these two categories, but they are used to tell stories and a shortcut to divert attention to specific things in drawings.

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    Decompressed sounds like a cool idea, good name too.

    As for Forcefield, the first comic that comes to mind which explored this was GIRLS by the Luna Brothers, ran for about 24 issues.
    I do wanna note that 'people stuck in a forcefield' was a very prevalent trope in other media of the past decade. Steven King's book Under The Dome was a big hit, and got a TV series too. In young adult fiction there was also Michael Grant's Gone series, which ran for a whopping 8 novels. Furthermore, I would argue The Hunger Games (novels & films) also qualify, and adjacent to that, the recent trend in video games based on the Battle Royale movie also utilise (shrinking) forcefields. Fortnite and PlayerUnknown Battle Grounds are the most famous ones there I think.

    Not saying it's not still worth doing, but it's worth considering whether you'd like to take inspiration from those or diverge from them. In some ways, a magical forcefield barrier is not very different to the typical scenario of locking people into a hotel due to a blizzard outside.

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