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    Quote Originally Posted by pugbuddy View Post
    This became a staple under Fraction for no reason at all, really. Aaron took it to the nth level. If he doesn't, his general storyline doesn't really work. If Odin was actually wise and fatherly (even if very strict at times) and Thor was actually respectful of Odin (even if strong-headed), the whole storyline falls apart when Thor and Odin simply figure out what was going on early on.

    Yeah, the story-telling device isn't all that new but it's used on Thor far more than other characters IMHO.

    True. His nobility is the biggest loss.


    The very best Thor/Hulk fight ever, IMHO!
    Kurt Busiek certainly knew how to write Thor and Carol Danvers back then. If this was written today, Carol would be the one giving Hyperion an hard time while Thor gets one-shotted.
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    Why i don't like Thanos Rising
    New Dreadstar comic book
    Cosmic Marvel is best Marvel
    Marvel please stop using Thanos.

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