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    Default Captain America vs Black Panther (MCU versions)

    Black Panther is in his Civil War suit.

    Who wins?

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    T’Challa has two notable advantages; his vibranium claws and the full body protection of his suit.

    That makes it way harder or even impossible for Cap to hurt him (bar maybe pulling off an Eren Yeager vs Armored Titan grappling situation) while T’Challa can slash him up fine if he connects.

    If it was suitless and weaponless I’d say Cap has the better skill showings and feats of strength and fighting out of his weight class, but T’Challa is his equal by presentation and the suit puts him over the edge IMO.
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    What Harbringer said: I'd give Cap the majority if they were both in street clothes, but Panther in the suit is pretty much beyond Cap's ability to hurt.
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    Harbinger's answer pretty much covers the whole thing imo.
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    It's telling that Black Panther and Killmonger needed a plot-device at the end of the movie in order to be able to hurt each other. BP and Killmonger would have just "I'm the Juggernaut bitch!" "No, I'm the Juggernaut bitch!"ed at each other without that railway thingy. Cap and his foes never needed that.

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