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    Quote Originally Posted by WonderScott View Post
    Seriously... regarding the Batvillains.

    We gotta stop being afraid of using and building up Diana’s roster of excellent villain concepts. I’m continually annoyed that creators see them as silly as opposed to developing and embracing their malevolent edges and running with those. She seriously has a twisted (and fun) list of adversaries, if only other writers would approach them that way.
    To me, Batman's rogues gallery have gotten just as overexposed as Batman has and I immediately have less interest in a story when they pop up in a non-Batman related series.

    But yeah, even the more built up members of WW's rogues gallery (Ares, Cheetah, Circe, Dr. Psycho) don't get the treatment they should when they pop in the rest of the DC universe.
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    Besides Circe in Justice league dark? Or trinity?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarquisAsh View Post
    Besides Circe in Justice league dark? Or trinity?

    That was the best showing of Circe in decades IMO. I wish Cheetah and others would be giving that kind of development as well. The last time we really saw Cheetah as an alpha-level threat was in Geoff Johns' Justice League #13 and 14 from the New 52.
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