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    True. It’s just there is always a better or equal skill the trinity couples have. Okay both are warriors and both are the best. Steve generally should be the bridge with the amazons. I mean if Diana learns from Steve in certain ways. What does Steve gain from Diana? I often thought it would be interesting seeing him using magical items or someone she can talk about her Amazonian heritage more.

    I mean what makes him stand out with all the other main love interests ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmiMizuno View Post
    One of the issues Steve Trevor has is they just make him a soldier and we no nothing else. Do you guys think about having his family in the comics again? Or what makes him important to Wonder Woman comics, I mean yeah he is her guide but after that what else? I often thought maybe he should have a pretty good knowledge of magical items thanks to Diana. What does Steve learn from Steve? I mean other than how the man world acts?
    I don't really care whether he serves as guide to Diana, even in early days - I thought in the golden age he worked pretty well without that role. I am generally in favor of a supporting cast for primary supporting cast members of all titles. We don't have to see them that often, but they should be mentioned. We should feel that supporting cast members have a life outside the pages, that don't, from their own perspectives, exist solely to support the hero (an increasing problem with Alfred, who they have been very heavy-handed with is this regard).

    Please no evil families. I hate retconned evil families. Or conspiracies or the revelation that everything didn't' happen they way you thought and some other entity arranged it all or was in play from the start (so I'm not fond of prophecies for Diana or John Steward or the Court of Owls in Dick Grayson's backstory or any of that sort of thing).

    No powers needed. Very much feel that way about Lois, too. Character can be awesome with superpowers, masks, or capes.
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    It's far more important that Steve gains a solid personality and some stories he can call his own than it is to add background details to him. As long as those details aren't pinned down by story, they're basically worthless and easily changed anyway.
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