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Please feel free to check out Bluefall, the sci-fi noir graphic novel written by myself (Andrew Trainor) and illustrated by Dillon Snook!


When the creator of the powerful virtual Universe, “Circus” is murdered, LAPD detective JULIAN AMBROSE delves into the virtual world to find the killer and uncover the global financial conspiracy behind his death.

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In 2045, the planet has a new global superpower - the virtual Universe known as Circus. Accessible in seconds from anywhere on Earth, Circus is everything that modern VR wishes it could be - a fully immersive fantasy experience where everything looks, feels, and tastes completely real. The virtual landscape is composed of hundreds of disconnected "zones," which can be as large as a dozen miles across or as tiny as a studio apartment. Each zone has been developed by users into a unique environment, from cyberpunk metropolises, to lavish casinos, to jungle tree-house hamlets, to idyllic island resorts.

But Circus is more than a game - it is an autonomous nation with its own economy, fashion, industry, politics, exchangeable currency, and law. The GDP of Circus has surpassed Finland's, and its money - called "credits" - trades at better rates than the Japanese Yen. By 2045, the concept of a virtual world has evolved, so that it is no longer simply a place to live out fantasies; it is a gathering place, a home, a place to go to work, or fall in love, to become wealthy, or famous, to drink away the sorrows of the day, or build an empire.


Two of the important zones in the virtual world of Circus include a virtual metropolis called The Bazaar - which looks like a cyberpunk version of Tokyo and is the most densely populated section of the virtual Universe - as well as the luxury resort getaway of Lakeside, a paradise playground open exclusively to members of the virtual uberwealthy and elite. There are also "private" zones, like Musi's Cottage, accessible only with the permission of the zone's moderator or owner. These zones are only available to users who are willing to pay large sums of money to rent them. Customization costs extra.


"A fantastic futuristic sci-fi noir graphic novel in the tradition of Blade Runner and soon to join the ranks of such classics."

"The amount of thought that went into the world-building of Bluefall is staggering and presents a fascinating take on the economics of the future."

"Visually reminiscent of Blade Runner and the upcoming highly anticipated game, Cyberpunk 2077, Bluefall is a can't miss for graphic novel and science fiction readers alike."
- BioGamer Girl

"Writer Andrew Trainor and artist Dillon Snook create a powerful world based in the gritty viscosity of human nature and the slick machinations of virtual reality."
- Valdosta Daily Times