View Poll Results: Who has the potential to achieve A-list status?

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  • Aztek

    6 6.59%
  • Black Condor

    1 1.10%
  • Black Orchid

    3 3.30%
  • Blue Beetle

    58 63.74%
  • El Diablo

    4 4.40%
  • El Dorado

    4 4.40%
  • Engineer

    4 4.40%
  • Fire

    11 12.09%
  • Firebrand

    0 0%
  • Jessica Cruz

    34 37.36%
  • Kyle Rayner

    22 24.18%
  • Renee Montoya

    17 18.68%
  • Sideways

    9 9.89%
  • Vibe

    16 17.58%
  • Other

    7 7.69%
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    Default Which Latino Hero Has the Potential to Become an A-list Character?

    Do any of the Latino heroes in DC’s roster of characters have the potential to become an A-list superhero? If so who and why? If not, then why?

    Also who would you choose as DC’s premiere Latino character? Basically the one who will get the huge push in outside media and comics (ala Cyborg)?
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    In that picture ?

    Blue Beetle.

    Jessica and wossisname are just another Lantern and has the issue their effectively replaceable.

    El Diablo leans into all the worst Latino gangbanger stereotypes

    Sideways needs a different costume because as is he's just more confident Spiderman.

    Cyborg girl is....just Cyborg and he cant sell for some reason.

    Black Condor is cool but stuck with Freedom Fighters and is usually a sideplayer

    Vibe has alot of media use lately but his past drags him down.

    Aztek has a terrible costume

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    Blue Beetle or Jessica Cruz. More Blue Beetle because Jessica has to share time with the other Lanterns.

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    El_Gato the eternal optimist.

    Me not so much...

    First you are going to have to redefine A-List if you think any of these characters will ever reach the recognition and property value or level of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman who as leads of their own huge franchises across all media are A-List.
    The answer to that is none these you list will ever reach that status.
    So if by A-List what you mean is at the most B-list, then...

    The ones with most potential, that they've somewhat tried to push outside the books (which is all that maters here as far as recognition) are Blue Beetle, and a little bit Jessica Cruz (depends if she shows in the next wave of GL media push (she may just as easily get replaced by the now "trending" new Sojourner Mullein )
    Vibe had potential, but they absolutley locked him down into the sidickick narrative in Flash, and never developed him as his own as a lead into further media, or developed him further in his own book, or even on a team book.

    Of those Rene Montay has garnered some recognition, but only Blue Beetle has the most potential as a recognizable lead in his own media.

    Kyle Rayner for the most part is not Latino or does not identify as Latino. And its complete BS to trot him out as some great representation of Latinos. When as is, he is the surest way to bury representation.
    Already explained here why -
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    Jessica Cruz seems to have the most momentum going forward with a well-received introduction and prominence in adaptations -- if DC doesn't drop the ball on her. (A lot of the other characters on the list have been around for years and kinda missed the window to establish themselves as A-listers, short a revamp of some kind.)
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    Right now i think its Blue Beetle.

    Vibe, Jessica and maybe el diablo could work but only Vibe and Jessica have a stable home.

    Kyle Raynor could be a contender but suffers from the legacy issues Jess does. Plus they never catapulted him in the 90s beyond a Superman TAS episode.

    Everyone else is too niche and too forgetable.
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    All characters have potential, it just depends on the editors pushing the characters with the right creative team. As it stands, Blue Beetle and Jessica Cruz have the best opportunity. Renee Montoya could easily be pushed with her appearance in the Birds of Prey movie with a move into her Question persona...if done correctly she could be a stand out character in movies and comics.
    Characters I would like to see...Fire first and foremost. A very multi-faceted character with ties into several genres and a unique personality.
    Black Orchid has been a favorite of mine ever since I discovered her in a Super Friends comic. Since then i have picked up almost every appearance going back to her Adventure Comics issues and Phantom Stranger back ups. Originally a super powered master of disguise who specialized in helping victimized women. Rebooted to be a character somewhere between Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy before being rebooted again with the New 52 where she seems more in line with general super hero motif. It wouldnt be difficult to adapt much of her full history into her current continuity.
    Another Latina I think could be elevated in stature would be Faith from JLA/Doom Patrol. Military background, government experiments, undefined super powers...she's vague enough for the proper team to develop her more fully. Maybe give her a different codename?

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    Really, all of them do.
    If there's a writer there jazzed enough with a story great enough, any on that list could be A listers.
    (I'd argue that Kyle Rayner already is)

    But in the spirit of the post, Blue Beetle, Aztek, Kyle, Renee and Vibe all get my vote.
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    Jess probably.

    Theres a couple of characters in the list that I din't know were Latino/a.

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    She and Jaime are the only two who have actually gotten a substantial push, but Jaime hasn't stuck for some reason (too early, seeing how he was basically just Kamala?). But between DCSHG, her role in the JLvsFF, and her push in the comics, Jessica has been much more well received than Jaime was and actually seems to be sticking.

    Cisco was well liked in Flash but DC/WB didn't really do much with it. He had a slight push in early new 52 but once the 2013 JLA book got cancelled he was gone and they never brought him back.

    And it's really strange how despite Kyle's popularity they don't really do much with him. He and Alan are the only ones to never really have any prominent other media roles. Though even Alan showed up in Smallville and a couple Brave and the Bold episodes. Poor Kyle just has a couple DCAU cameos. And now even in comics Alan is getting a new push thanks to JSA coming back. If Kyle were real he'd probably be so thankful Simon exists to be even more nonexistent than he is lol.

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    Jessica Cruz and Blue Beetle, no contest. Both have already appeared in cartoons. Jessica was in DC Super Hero Girls and one of the animated movies, Jaime was in Young Justice and a couple of animated movies (replacing Cyborg as a Teen Titan).
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    Blue Beetle seems the most viable currently, but I'd rather it was Vibe or Sideways or Green Fury / Fire, just because they aren't 'legacy' characters like Blue Beetle, Question or Jessica Cruz, being the latest in a line of characters following up after a white dude.

    The more unique and original the character, the better, IMO. Not, 'the seventh human Green Lantern' or whatever, which seems to limit and divide their potential fanbase.

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    El dorado, fire, blue beetle andjessica cruz

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    If the character is a legacy, I would exclude them right away, unless they are going to totally take over their hero identity and be the undisputed main one. Jessica Cruz will never do that, and as for Jaime Reyes...hmm...I don't know. The JLI run is a seminal classic in comics and will likely keep Ted Kord in people's fond thoughts indefinitely. To Jaime Reyes' credit, though, his version of Blue Beetle is nothing like the previous ones and isn't reliant on them at all. But still, I think when people look up a character in Google or whatnot (in this case, Blue Beetle) another character shouldn't show up often instead of the one you're looking for. I believe it's that type of confusion that contributes to preventing some characters from reaching A-list status.
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    Kendra Saunders Hawkgirl should be the mixed-race Latina reincarnation of Carter Hall.

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