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A stay at home advisory was issued for Massachusetts and non-essential businesses had to be closed by noon time yesterday. My shop is a small chain of stores and four of them were open yesterday including the one I go to. I hustled up there to pick up what came in for me since it will be at least two weeks before I would be able to go again.

And that was before the news came out from Diamond. I don't think the shutdown will hamper the store's ability to reopen but I don't see how it won't hurt their bottom line more than a little.
My Massachusetts shop (and its corporate partner) closed Tuesday, but had people there for cleaning and such. I do not know if they were accepting customers, but I somehow doubt it. As curious as I am about what's going to happen, they're probably more connected with Diamond and shipping than I am. It's probable there are still many unanswered questions about internal finances and the future regarding reopening.