So what if Disney/Marvel decided to win some major brownie points with the audience and announce a continuation of EMH?

Disney has already announced and made continuations of multiple shows, even after many years past, including Star Wars: The Clone Wars S7 and Proud Family S3, so clearly they're keeping eyes out for stuff to continue. Stuff that's popular with an audiences that's already there, bringing us to EMH. The show was notable for being a Marvel animated series that's on par with DC, a rarity, but then Loeb came aboard to force synergy (causing a decline in quality), and when that wasn't good enough, he threw it all out and replaced it with that horrible Avengers Assemble series.

In fact, though I don't have any proof, it's reasonable to suspect EMH is a more popular streaming show on Disney+ than AA, or their other stuff like Ultimate Spider-Man. Beloved animated series tend to be big streaming shows over cheap cash grabs. I'm sure Disney might notice the higher streaming numbers over the other shows if that's the case, giving them incentive to bring it back.

A lot has changed since then, and one change is the complete restructuring of Marvel to take the power away from Loeb.

Here's what the revival might entail:
  • The original crew behind the scenes, as many as they can get, return.
  • All the voice actors return.
  • Updated animation and higher production values, but still based on the art style and recognizable.
  • Picks up on the Surtur arc that was so abruptly dropped.
  • Additional characters, like the proper appearance of the X-Men as an ally team.
  • Continues from there and into S4 and beyond.

What do you think?