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    Default The fate of Qi'ra from SOLO

    Any thoughts on what happened with her? "Rebels" established that Maul eventually got stuck on Malachor, so it's possible perhaps that she's leading Crimson Dawn by the time of the Original trilogy.

    I suppose that could've been something a Solo sequel would have possibly covered. Maybe the Mandalorian might have him running into Crimson Dawn in some form. Maybe have Emilia Clarke show up? Info and opinions on a variety of interests.

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    The Smuggler's Guide book indicates that Crimson Dawn was still active during the OT, but far less of a power player without Maul.

    As far as Qi'ra goes, I understand that the intent was to make a series of Solo movies that would wrap her story up and it remains to be seen if tie-ins will pick up the slack.
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    I wouldn't get my hopes up. Even if she does appear again i think it'll be a cameo at best. Which is a shame IMO as I was interested in this group.

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