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    Question Help needed finding comic

    Posting here hoping for some help sourcing a comic from my younger days and i cant remember the name of it. All other avenues have proved fruitless including a trip to new york comicon.
    the comic I'm looking for was serialised in a title similar to Eagle (dan dare etc) in the uk in the late 1980's. My recollection is
    1. Story centered around a duo (male and female) who hunted vampires.
    2. the male characters wore a metal mask for some reason.
    3. Story featured in a title similar to the eagle and would have been published in the 1980's
    4. was pencilled and inked in black and white.

    If any of this rings a bell for anyone and can help me even source possible names of this it would be much appreciated. apologies for the vague details but this was many years ago.


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    Most of the people who could answer this have gone to a new board site. Try this link:

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    Sounds like it something that might have appeared in Warrior.

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