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    I guess I am the only one that got shafted by bob wiacek for commissioned artwork from the rhode island comic con. anyone else out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dwight14 View Post
    I guess I am the only one that got shafted by bob wiacek for commissioned artwork from the rhode island comic con. anyone else out there.
    Given that this is an international board, NOT a Rhode Island board, chances are you ARE the only one. I've never even heard of the Rhode Island Comic Con.

    As for being "shafted" ... how long have you been waiting? Have you contacted him? Did he have to cancel his appearance at the con? Was the con canceled because of the Cornona Virus? The latter two are entirely reasonable delays in commissions.

    My fairly extensive experience commissioning artists is that some are very timely and conscientious, and others not so much. They are mostly freelance, which means they tend to do what gets them funds immediately, cause they NEED the money. Whenever you commission an artist, you should understand this. If it's going to be an issue for you, then arrange terms and a different payment structure or just don't get the commission.

    For the most part, I am excessively patient with artists, and sometimes I've been rewarded with extra pieces or upgrades. I don't harass or publicly shame late artists. I've waited 6 months to a year plus for pieces, and I'm cool with it, because it isn't like I'm waiting to do something until I get it.

    Of course, there have been a tiny percentage of artists that have 'shafted' me and not delivered commissions after I paid them, but it takes years and / or dodging communications before I write off the commission.
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    I'm not from Rhode Island and have never attended the convention but I assume you're referencing to the convention from 2019. That would be the closest to now as it occurred November first through the third.

    While I have not commissioned paintings or really any kind of 2-D art, I have gotten a few pieces otherwise and the artists have given timelines for when the piece will get out. I would assume the same would apply here. If your artist hasn't I would recommend asking about it and getting tracking information. Lord knows I've been burned because I haven't asked for that sort of thing so I would absolutely recommend it.
    If you have paid for a piece and it has not been delivered you could likely dispute the payment if you've done it electronically, be it through your bank or payment service like Paypal if you did it that way.
    Art takes some time and currently medical goods may be prioritized over non-essentials. Rest assured the item will ship but it will take longer with the current pandemic.

    Contact your artist as assuming it was a deal made during the convention and if payment was made you'd be in your right at this point to wonder where it is. But I would hesitate to burn someone just yet given the current situations.
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