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    Quote Originally Posted by Ascended View Post
    Sounds like a tie-in comic. Never read it, what happened?
    It sis basically the Flashbacks of the episode "Old Wounds" and the episdode "Sins of the Father" from TNBA plus the stuff Dick did, traveling the world and training, between the two.

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    The latest version (which I assume is the current canon version?) in the 80th anniversary special is pretty good IMO.

    Bruce basically acts like Batjerk, but it turns out that he wanted to push Dick away a little bit so that Dick would get the chance to spread his wings and become his own man. But even with Bruce's push, the decision is 100% Dick's.
    end of spoilers

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    I believe that to be an extension of the original.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Godlike13 View Post
    I believe that to be an extension of the original.
    Kinda has the flavor the excuse made in "The Cheshire Contract" - I can't recall if the actual original had any intent by Bruce. I strongly prefer it not to. I don't like Bruce pulling those strings or any sense guiding Dick to it. I like it as a completely independent adult decision in no sense Bruce's choice. It weakens the theme if it's "guided" by a parental figure, or really anyone at all but Dick.

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