With plenty of reboots happening (CBS seems to be rebooting every 80's show possible) right now , this seems like a natural move to happen. NBC , ABC and other networks are busy rebooting other older shows with classic shows returning years later to continue while others like the CBS shows are being full reboots with a modern setting.

Sliders itself is a classic 90's sci-fi series where the setting was this as Quinn Mallory would describe in the opening...

Anyhow we all know how the show by Fox was basically turned into shit by a network that didn't understand the show and it made the creator (Tracy Torm'e) leave after how terrible it got. Then the real death nail came when Sci-Fi channel did those final 2 seasons.

A reboot series by Torm'e could could see her ignore all that crap and get it back to basics of what she wanted to do and actually be the fun series it once was. Without grim dark breeding camps and crap Fox and Sci-Fi threw in. Also as a fun wink we could see her fix the older series in a cool way.

One episode with the new cast of Quinn , Wade , Arturo and Rembrandt now land on a dimension that is older Earth and discover the original sliders. All of them alive and we get an explanation from it as Torm'e can put the nail in things.

- The older group detail that they spent nearly a decade traveling to so many Earths and they grew tired of nearly dying each time . Quinn can reveal he got an infection and nearly died where he dreamed crazy stuff like losing Wade and the prof. and some aliens plot with a brother as well. That once he awoke he told Wade the next best Earth they land on he would settle down with her.

The Prof. and Rembrandt agreed to this as well having grew weary themselves of trying to get home. The group found a great world and settled down. Quinn however is shocked to discover he has a younger version of himself appear and tries to at 1st take the dial from him wanting him to live there...

"Stop the sliding. You could lose her. I almost did a few times and the dream I did nearly broke me. You can stop , you will never find your way home again. For a decade we traveled and didn't."

But in the end he realizes its their choice to continue. He helps his younger self and the older ones impact some wisdom on the travels ahead. As a nice touch older Quinn and Wade hand them a picture as they go to leave. Having them ponder if their destiny will be to grow old together as that Quinn and Wade did.

The series could be a nice one if done right by NBC . (Universal owns the rights to it..so they would have to do it)