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    Default 8th Annual Most Wanted Marvel Omnibus Poll

    From Tigereyes on the Masterworks Boards:

    “ Hello everyone, friends new and old, it's that time of the year-- the one where everyone pleads their cases and casts their SECRET ballots for the Most Wanted Marvel Omnibus. This past year saw quite a few selections make it to fruition including

    Ben Reilly Omnibus 2
    Ditko Master of Suspense 2
    She Hulk by Byrne
    Hulk by David Vol 1
    Infinity Crusade
    New Mutants

    6 Books will see the light of day by the years end, and that means a minimum of 9 new entries on the Most Wanted List, with several others rumored to be solicited but nothing official through solicitations

    How it works...Just rank your ten choices from number 1--(your most wanted) through number 10 and then send them to me in an email.

    Your 1st place vote is worth 10 points, 2nd place gets 9 points.... and your 10th place vote is worth 1 point.

    1. 10 points
    2. 9 points
    3. 8 points
    4. 7 points
    5. 6 points
    6. 5 points
    7. 4 points
    8. 3 points
    9. 2 points
    10. 1 point

    By creating a separate email account it allows for more inclusion, for those who lurk, and for those who can reach out to others whom have comic based podcasts or websites, comic shops, or even other friends who want to partake. I am striving to maintain a minimum of 200+ voters but honestly would love to catapult the number of participants to the next level. The more votes we get, the better our sample. PLEASE TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW ABOUT THE POLL.

    Please send your votes to

    Please bump the thread once you have voted, so the link stays on the front page.

    No reprints

    Please be as specific as possible in your choices... If you want a Captain Marvel Omnibus...Do you want David Vol 1, David Vol2, Thompson, DeConnick or someone else/

    Most importantly, this is a SECRET ballot, do not post your complete list on the thread as it does take the fun out of it a bit. If you would like to nominate something that did not make the TOP 50 last year so it jogs people's memories, I will allow for that.

    Happy Casting!!!

    Last Day to Vote will be Midnight Eastern time on April 11th 2020” post #57 has last years top 60 results.
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