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    I am enjoying the replays of old baseball games to a point. Fox Sports Ohio Has old Reds games but they only show the games that the Reds Won so no surprises and that kind of takes the fun out of it. Mlb Network is playing the old World Series Games those are more fun to watch because I dont know the outcomes of those. Unless it is a game 7. I am making the most of no sports. Though I quit watching The Jim Rome Show. As much as I like him the show has just gotten boring.
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    Well, not as popular as the other sports talked about, I'm bummed that the week of St. Patrick's Day was supposed to be the week of the World Figure Skating Championships.

    I follow the sport, and the season starts in October, so I saw as many competitions as I could, and then it was as if my Super Bowl was cancelled at the last minute.

    Disappointing, but I understand. With all that is going on, and was going on at that time, there was no way they could hold that event.

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    It stinks to be a sports fan right now. No baseball, basketball or hockey.

    At least we have the NFL draft coming up in three weeks. I'm starving for anything sports. Youtube has a bunch of classic NFL games and Super Bowls to watch. And ESPN is releasing the Bulls documentary this month.

    I have my Cubs championship DVD set that I will probably watch sometime this upcoming week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Taylor View Post
    The roar of the crowd is Wrestlemania. Wonder if they are going to have an audience track playing.
    Just run a classic laugh track!

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