So I just finished Metal and it was pretty good, but I've been trying to wrap my head around something.

They say the three early tribes of man where Bird, Bear, and Wolf. (And at one point Carter refers to the Hawk Tribe - presumably the same Bird Tribe.) And then, there was the Bat Tribe. Yet issue #1 makes reference to the "Dark Tribe" that worships Barbatos, which issue #2 codifies as the "Judas Tribe" that consists of the Court of Owls' ancestors who switched from the Bird to the Bat tribe. But this is where it gets confusing: some people think the Judas Tribe IS the Bat Tribe, instead of the Bat Tribe already existing and the Judas Tribe simply becoming a part of it.

We know the Bat Tribe already existed because in Return of Bruce Wayne it evolved from the Deer Tribe, at the hands of Anthro's grandson, Young Man. Yet in Batman: Lost, Hath-Set is shown to be leader of the Bat Tribe, and the one who spearheads their worship of Barbatos and kills the leaders of the Bird Tribe (Hawkman and Hawkgirl). So my question is this: Were Hath-Set and Young Man meant to be one and the same? Or was Hath-Set the "Judas", a member of the Bird Tribe who convinced his fellow Birds to switch to Bats? If that's the case, can we assume Hath-Set killed Young Man and took leadership? And what started Hath-Set's obsession with Barbatos? If he wasn't Young Man, could he have been a member of Vandal Savage's Blood Tribe who witnessed his defeat at the hand of Man of Bats?

Also, it's implied in issue #1 that the Wayne family switched from the Bat to the Bird tribe at some point, and in Batman Lost, Alan Wayne is surprised that the Bat tribe still exists. So maybe the "good" branch of the Bats, possibly spearheaded by Young Man, switched to the now "good" Bird Tribe after a select few Bird members moved to the Bat side and started doing evil? I'm just freewheeling and spitballing here... Anyone have any thoughts on this? Also, Vandal Savage's Blood Tribe is apparently separate from Wolf and Bear? It's described that way in History of the DC Universe #1 but some sites claim Vandal is Wolf Tribe...