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    Default Top 20 Greatest Rock Singer of All Time

    It was a great listen. I like his criteria for choosing the best in his opinion. I like his videos quite a bit.

    What are your top favorite Rock singers? I was very glad to see Steven Tyler high on the list because he has an amazing voice, IMO. I like Sting and The Police, but his voice can be too high pitched and it tires me after a while.

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    Best female rock singer of all time IMO is Floor Jansen, current lead singer of Nightwish and former lead singer of ReVamp and After Forever. She can sing anything from death growls to opera and sometimes does it all in the same song. There is even a pun off her name now referring to what happens to people when they first experience her: Floorgasm. Her power and control rivals if not exceeds that of some well known US singers like Ann Wilson, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, etc. Not saying she sounds like them but whether you like their music or not those three do have amazing power and control of their voices.

    This song by Nightwish is over 10 minutes long but shows off the range of her skill and power. When she first starts singing about a minute into the song she sound all melodic and soft but as the song progresses her vocals grow more rock and there will be growls and screams which culminates in what fans call the Floorgasm heard round the world starting around 9:00 mark and peaking at about the 9:40 mark. Floor was still just the temporary replacement singer for Nightwish at the time this video was filmed but everyone knew from this moment on they would have no choice but to make it official as she blew everyone away.

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    Freddie Mercury... few if anyone today can hold an audience in the palm of their hand like he could

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