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    1940's: Batman #1, Batman #47
    1960's: Robin Dies at Dawn, Secret of the Waiting Graves
    1970's: Night of The Reaper, Bat-Murderer, Death Strikes at Midnight & Three
    1980's: Untold Legend of Batman, Ten Nights of the Beast
    1990's: No Man's Land
    2000's: Batman RIP, Batman & Robin Reborn
    2010's: Black Mirror, Batman '66 # 30

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    1970s - "A Vow From The Grave", Detective Comics #410, April 1971

    Batman relentlessly pursues an escaped death row murderer, Kano Wiggins, in a rainy and murky night, crossing over to a residence of Circus Sideshow freaks - Charley Bones, Maud the Fat Woman, Flippy The Seal Boy, and Strong Man, Goliath - where another murder mystery unfolds.

    Was later adapted into a Batman Animated Episode, "Sideshow", with Killer Croc in place of Wiggins, but it all started in that issue.

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