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    Default Digital scanning of copyright material

    Is it illegal or are copyright laws broken for me to scan older independent publisher comic books from my own collection for personal use, or personal backup, storage, and/or safekeeping only (for the sake of digital preservation only if they have never been scanned or digitized by anyone anywhere)?.

    They would not be posted, nor shared, nor transferred, nor sold, nor distributed in any form.
    These books are not part of any public domain and permission from the copyright owners has not been requested.

    If the answer is either: yes, no, or conditional with certain exceptions and stipulations, then please reference any legal and official sites/documentation that pertain to this query.


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    In 1984, the Supreme Court ruled in Universal Studios vs. Sony Corporation of America that taping shows off the television for personal use was not a violation of copyright. If they had ruled otherwise, we wouldn't be able to tape things broadcast for television. I think the fact that its for personal use and not for profit and won't be distributed makes it relevant. Also you are allowed to photocopy books for your personal use for example at the library. I think you're okay as long as you don't distribute.

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